MSM skin careThe properties of msm are important for acne:

– anti-inflammatory effect on the pancreas, stabilizes blood sugar, and increases the sensitivity of insulin receptors. And insulin-insensitive receptors are one of the main causes of infertility and hormonal disorders;

– removes inflammation from the skin and in the whole body. In other words, “flaws” practically do not appear on the skin, inflammation disappears, the skin becomes clean, uniform in color, without redness. Even if something pops up, the pimples heal much faster without leaving scars. I am sure that your skin will be cleared of acne by 50-90% (depending on individual characteristics, hormonal background and diet) after a couple of months of taking msm. It is proved by scientific research, my experiment on myself and the suffering girls from “PCOS coaching”;

– increases the production of collagen and elastin, and this is smooth and toned skin, quick regeneration and freedom from scars, scars, and post-acne. Proper regeneration starts inside, helps your skin recover, without the formation of traces (scars, post-acne). In women with PCOS, collagen production is much lower than in women without polycystic. Regular intake of sulfur helps smooth even old scars;

– restores the normal immune response, acne is often the result of malfunctioning of the immune system, an autoimmune process, pathological inflammation due to polycystic. Often, acne appears due to a latent allergy to foods, and thanks to MSM, the immune response is improving and pimples come to naught;

– bio sulfur can improve hair growth, tighten the hair structure and reduce dandruff. Women with PCOS are often prone to androgenic hair loss and alopecia, and MSM helps to restore its former density even in such situations;

– excess oily skin and hair will remain in the past for you. This effect was observed in 60% of volunteers, according to studies by Canadian scientists;

– detoxification of the body, cleansing and elimination of harmful waste products, toxins and allergens. Cleanliness from the inside is the key to beautiful skin.

Cool additive, okay? It is pleasant that it is absolutely safe, even in high doses, ordinary table salt in such an amount is much more toxic. The only possible side effect when taking high doses of 10-12 grams is mild diarrhea. Buy MSM in the form of powder, crystals: