MSM lotionAn MSM rich lotion depends on transdermal absorption, that is, absorption through the skin, in order to reach sore joints or tissues. Lotions are very handy for getting the supplement right where you want it. And while research comparing the different modes of administration is generally lacking, it appears that MSM in almost any form is effective.

MSM’s list of activities is rapidly expanding as research continues to understand how it works in the body. It has proven remarkable in reducing or eliminating muscle soreness and cramps in aging patients and in athletes. This is one of the major reasons MSM rich lotions are so popular. MSM is known to inhibit pain impulses traveling along nerve fibers and reduce the symptoms associated with inflammation.

Because it is a component of all cells, its presence is obviously important to the health of those cells. In fact, MSM increases the permeability of cell walls which allows water and nutrients to flow into cells and allows wastes and toxins to flow out. The pliability of the cell walls contributes the relief of inflammation and associated pain. The lack of MSM can contribute to the body’s inability to recover and restore health to cells, leaving them brittle and resulting in scarring, wrinkles, varicose veins, muscle and joint pain.

MSM is also vital to the healthy appearance of hair, skin and nails. MSM is a tissue-softening agent. Added to face creams, or buying an MSM rich lotion form could have a beneficial effect on aging skin. Sulphur deficiency certainly contributes to what we perceive as aging; dry, wrinkled skin, thinning, dry hair, brittle nails. In fact, sulphur as been referred to as “Nature’s Beauty Mineral” because it is pivotal in keeping cells flexible and moist, inhibiting damaging cross-linking and other oxidative damage. MSM-rich lotion provides a good source of sulphur that can help repair these most visible signs of aging.

Some studies have shown that MSM has other amazing activities in the human body including the possible involvement in inhibiting allergic reactions. MSM has also proved to be amazingly strong against a variety of intestinal parasites such as Giardia, Trichomonas, roundworms, nematodes, Enterobius and other intestinal worms. Sulphur acts to protect the system by binding to the sites where these invaders would normally attach and multiply, allowing them to be swept through the system and out of the body.

Proponents for trans-dermal products generally claim that not only is transdermal absorption from lotions and creams faster, it facilitates greater amounts of MSM reaching a specific area and, depending on their strengths, have almost immediate effects when rubbed on sore joints and muscles. But regardless, lotions or capsules, MSM is vital to life and it is vital to slowing the effects of aging including but not limited to, arthritic conditions. In fact, understanding some of the actions of MSM in the body can bring a new understanding about how the body works.

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